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API import issues

In this article, we will explain the most common API issues and how to resolve them.

The first step in addressing API issues is to kickstart the API. You can do this by heading to your API job and clicking on "check now".

If the problem persists after checking the API job, delete the existing job and create a new one. To do so, go to your API job, click on "edit" and then "delete":

Now, create a new API by following our guidelines on the specific importer pages. Please take your time and set up the API exactly as mentioned in the descriptions. 

Sometimes, temporary issues or simple mistakes can be resolved by setting up the API again.

Ensure there are no spaces before or after the digits when copying the new API Key and Secret Key. Also, ensure they are copied accurately, and you've properly configured the permissions on the exchange website.

Please make sure that you enter the API Key and the Secret Key in the correct fields. Always create API keys only for CoinTracking.

Never use the same key for multiple services, since it causes conflicts.

Don't forget to check for any warning messages on the API page. Skipping them could result in missing data:

Additionally, some APIs may require a few minutes to import. Please be patient during this process. For example, Binance can take up to 24 hours until the API import is complete. 

The API job should now be working properly.

Please note:

Sometimes, the exchange's API may encounter critical errors or failures, leading to issues like missing data or connectivity problems. We can't control these issues directly.

Check the status of your APIs on the API Live Data page.

Not all exchanges provide all the data. If the API or CSV file is missing certain information, CoinTracking can't import it. Enter the missing data manually on the Enter Coins page in such cases.

Data received from exchanges via API is not always accurate due to limitations/restrictions or incomplete data. Missing data has to be added manually via the Enter Coins.

Please also check the types of data imports supported for each API importer. You can find this information on the right side of the specific importer page.

Common problems and solutions:

Balance by exchange is different from API Live Data

Unlike other Tracking Services, CoinTracking displays wrong balances. Why? 

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