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Binance API - Update Trade Pairs

The Binance API is fully functional. However updating the trade pairs (e.g. BTC/XLM) is needed as opposed to other APIs. Each time you have a transaction which involves a coin that you have never been traded before at Binance you need to update the trade pairs by following the steps described here. So it is not necessary to update the trade pairs each time you have a transaction unless you have a transaction of a coin for the first time.

Example case:
You have traded BTC/XML (trade pair) for the very first time in Binance and you never have any trading involving XML before. Then you need to update the trading pair to import the new transactions. But you do not need to update the trading pair if you already have XML imported in your trade list.

While setting up the API Job for the first time all of your traded pairs on Binance will be imported. If you trade a new pair (Buy or Sell currency) there is a manual update within the API job needed. This button is available when you click on editing your API job. 

Within the API job there will be just already imported trade pairs automatically updated. In addition the BNB third currency fees are imported automatically if they are used for trading. For more details you can check this article as well: BNB balance wrong due to fees not being deducted

Please note that after you updated the Trade Pairs, you need to also click on Check Now to kick start the import and this might take up to 30min, if you have many pairs to check.

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