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Mandatory data to add transactions

If a wallet or exchange is not supported via API or CSV there are two bulk importers (CSV Import or Excel Import) available where you can adjust and adapt the data you have. A starting point is an extract of your transaction history provided in different formats within your wallet or exchange account. If such an extract is not available then copy & paste data - either data by data / line by line or in total for a page - into an Excel file.

The minimum data you need for adding a transaction into CoinTracking is as follows:

transaction type (described in this article Types of transactions - examples and explanations)
date & time (when the transaction took place)
amount (how much)
currency (what - Crypto or Fiat)
counterpart currency (in case of a trade SELL or BUY)
exchange or wallet name (where the transaction took place)

Our Excel Template which you have to use for the Excel Importer has some prefilled lines with some examples (please delete them when using your own data).

Amount and currency for withdrawals need to be filled into the SELL columns and deposits need to be added into the BUY columns.

Of course you could always enter single transactions containing the mandatory data manually on the "Enter Coins" page.

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