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Import from Ledger Wallets via Ledger Live app

The primary and recommended method importing transactions from any Ledger wallet is via Ledger Live application. This happens via an CSV export called "Operation history" from this Ledger Live application. Please follow the instructions on our Ledger Live importer page.

The Chrome Add On / Plugin for Ledger is no longer available.  

For BTC you still have the possibility of using the Extended Public Key 'xpub', but for BTC and for future transactions only. This importer - 2nd/lower on the "Bitcoin Wallet Import" page - is able to import your transactions from one BTC address in bulk. Further information might be available here:

You have always the option to add transactions for other coins automatically e.g. via "ETH Wallet import" or "Altcoin Wallet import" or to add all transactions  into the system by entering them manually on the Transactions page or import them with the semi-automated bulk importers "Excel Import" or "Custom Exchange Import".

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