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Unlike other Tracking Services CoinTracking displays wrong balances. Why?

Other tracking software just use the balance API of an exchange to show the current balance (like we do it on the Exchange Live Balance page). This page is only used to compare the imported balance vs. the real "live" balance, as CoinTracking works differently: balances are calculated based on imported/added transactions.

In order to get a tax compliant gain calculation, our system needs all your transactions and calculates the balances based on it. Please ensure that all your transaction are listed correctly in CoinTracking. Follow the Import FAQ in order to import your transactions correctly.

Deposits and Withdrawals do not have any influence on the gains results, but are mandatory e.g. for the Depot/Lot separation. If you have no longer access to some transactions you can find here some options: Exchange closed or missing data due to wallet inaccessibility

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