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Custom Excel/CSV Import Issues

1. Excel Importer
In order to use our "Excel Import", you need to use the exact same format as you can see in the template on the "Excel Import" page including spelling and capitalization of transaction types. It's not going to work with a different file or e.g. if you add "deposit" with lower case letter instead of "Deposit" as it is prefilled with an example.

2. CSV Importer

The CSV import also works with our internal CSV export file. If you want to create your own CSV file please use the header/column names as shown on the importer page.

3. Custom Importer

If you want to use different formats you have to use our "Custom Exchange Import" page where you can set parameters, date format settings with files from wallets/exchanges we do not support via direct importer yet. You cannot combine two or more separate lines into one. Please check this article as well regarding mandatory data you need: Mandatory data to add transactions

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