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DeFi Transactions necessary, if importing via ETH wallet address

If you want to be correct in your documentation, you would need to following transactions (manually enter what is missing): 

  • Withdrawal DAI from Exchange (probably imported automatically)
  • Deposit DAI to Exchange "DeFi"
  • Trade DAI into cDAI (make sure no gain/loss from this swap results by adjusting the asset value - see Edit asset value manually).

  • Trade cDAI into DAI, taking out the interest
  • enter the additional interest DAI as income (or as futures gains, if the value should be included in the Capital gains report)
  • withdrawal of total DAI from "DeFi"
  • deposit of the total DAI to wallet (probably imported automatically)
The short way, without all the trades (thus without all the gains and losses that might occur from the different asset values of the cDAI vs DAI) would be to skip the cDAI and just enter a withdrawal of DAI and later a deposit back of those DAI plus the resulting DAI income. (For this you would need to split the DAI deposit back into X DAI deposit - same number you withdrew earlier - plus Y DAI interest entered as Income in CoinTracking.)

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