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OKEX CSV import

The OKEX API offers only transaction data for the last 3 months. We do provide a direct CSV importer for OKEX here to complete your transaction history.

If you have older files you could import them with our "Custom Exchange Import" and the following settings.    

  1. You need to modify the format of the OKEX file. 
    • For all the trades, move all SELL transactions side by side with the BUY. 
    • Make sure the trade ID of SELL and BUY matches. 
    • Please refer to the screenshots below.

  1. For non-trades, you only need to move the amount detail, align to the SELL side.
  2. Upload your modified file on the Custom Exchange Import and import it using the following setting.

Since Funding and Mining will be imported as Deposit/Withdrawal, you probably need to change the type of those transactions to Income/Mining / Spend , depending on your needs.

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