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Binance Futures CSV Upload

Binance has two versions of the Future Trades files. The file can be downloaded from the Trade History or the Transaction History.

1) For the Trade History you can upload via the Custom Exchange Import page and use the following setting to import the Realized Profit.






In CoinTracking, you need to import the realized profit as Futures Gain and Futures Lost. While the settings above only allow you to import them as Deposit and Withdrawal. Therefore, you need to change the transaction type (Deposit --> Income; Withdrawal --> Lost) once you have successfully imported them. You can do that on the Enter Coins page using Bulk Edit

Changing transaction-type from Deposit to Futures Gain



2) For the Transaction History, use the following setting:

Later, change the transaction type on the Enter Coins page:

  • REALIZED_PNL --> Income/Loss, or Future Profit/Future Loss
  • COMMISSION --> Other Fee
  • INSURANCE_CLEAR --> Other Expense/Other Fee
  • FUNDING_FEE --> Other Fee
  • COIN_SWAP_DEPOSIT --> Income (non-taxable)
  • COIN_SWAP_WITHDRAW --> Expense (non-taxable)


3)  Please notice that the fees are not deducted yet, so you might need to import them separately. 

Upload the same file, then import them using the following settings




Then change the transaction type from Withdrawal to Futures Lost.


On Balance by Exchange page, you will find the imported balance from the future trades separated from regular Binance. Please check and make sure the imported balance matches your actual balance.


TIPS: How to change the Transaction Type (not using the "Bulk Edit/Delete" button)
  1. Please make sure that you are in CSP mode. The search feature will not be working properly in SSP mode.
  2. On the search field, you need to put: Exchange's Name, Comment label, and Type. For example, you want to change the Deposit in Binance with the comment "RealizedPNL", then you will need to put Binance realizedpnl deposit on the search field.

  3. Use CLICK + SHIFT to select multiple trades. You only need the first trade and the last trade. All the trades in between will be selected automatically. Note: Please do not select more than 500 trades, as the changes will not work. 
  4. Click on Edit, then change the transaction type. Then click on update. If you have more trades, you can do these steps multiple times.

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