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Income from e.g. Staking, Lending, DeFi

***This article is for coins that we do not track with a Blockchain API, where this will be imported automatically***

In order to reflect your current portfolio situation properly and to have a correct balance, you need to add every transaction into CoinTracking, exactly as it took place in real life. This is applicable for every type of transaction.

The following example is valid for all coins you receive from staking, lending or other DeFi (Decentralized Finance) activities.

Examples would be e.g. Compound Finance, DharmaLever, Celsius, BlockFi oder Nexo. Mining is described in a separte article: Cloudmining Models like Hashflare

For a perfect tracking you would add the following transactions - the platform (provider) will be added into the field "exchange" (place of the transaction):

1. OUT ('General Withdrawal') from "Wallet X" Originally spend "investment" from your available funds that means at a wallet/exchange from where the money/coins are send to the platform/provider. This transactions could already be included as part of the auto Wallet Import  or Exchange API.

2. IN ('General Deposit') on "Lending Platform YYour deposit from "Wallet X". You could name the exchange field for the import "Lending Platform Y"

3. IN ('Income') on "Lending Platform YInterest/Income on the platform ("exchange") "Lending Platform Y" in the amount of whatever your assets are raised by the e.g. staking rewards. Those entries could be added to a Trade Group e.g. "Staking" as described here: How to create trade groups. This Income possibly triggers a taxable event with the cost base according to the time stamp in the (tax) year when you received it.

4. OUT ('General Withdrawal') from "Lending Platform YThe deducted "investment" (e.g. the income in total or as single entries or the total investment after completion) on the platform ("exchange") "Lending Platform Y" which will be sent to your wallet/exchange.

5. IN ('General Deposit') on "Wallet Z" or "Exchange Z" The amount, which comes from the platform to your wallet/exchange. This transaction could already be included as part of the Auto Wallet Import API or exchange API.

This is the most detailed method and it will reflect your balances and gains optimally. It also enables the possibility to separate the data in all analyses and reports.

The transactions could be added either manually as single transaction on the "Enter Coins" page or with the "Excel Import" or as well with the "Custom Exchange Import" in bulk into CoinTracking. 

For more then 200 altcoins we provide a wallet import on our "Altcoin Wallet Import" page.

More information regarding all types of transactions could be found in this article: Types of transactions - examples and explanations

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