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Cardano ADA import notes

You can import your Cardano transactions via our blockchain importer here.

We recommend using your BECH32 staking address (starts with "stake1...") and it will import the staking rewards and all transfers from addresses related to your staking wallet. There should always be a staking address. If you cannot find it please check the Cardano Explorer.

If you are using the other address format ("addr1...") you always need to add a new API job per address as Cardano (e.g. shown as external and internal in Yoroi Wallet) using for almost every transaction new addresses. And you can delete old jobs with used address afterwards as you can only monitor 5 to 10 blockchain jobs automatically (depending on your license level) once per day: Create and delete API Import Job

The 2 last epoch rewards always will be missing, if reward was awarded for eg. 371 epoch it will be fetched on 373 epoch, it needs 2 epoch to "finalize" then.  

Your rewards are paid with a 25-day delay. You will earn rewards every 5 days (1 epoch) from that point. However, your reward for each 5-day cycle will be calculated for your ADA balance 25 days ago from the current cycle. Your rewards are paid out 2 epochs after earning them. This means that if you've earned rewards in epoch 239, then you will receive the payout of these rewards in epoch 241. It is described here in detail: 

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