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My blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?

We are constantly working on improvements for our blockchain Importers in this rapidly changing environment where new protocols are released almost weekly. 

If you miss transactions or if some are imported incorrectly, you can delete all your relevant blockchain transactions first as described here: Bulk Edit and Delete and re-import them again to see if a change was already applied to your case. Please create a backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data

If it is not imported correctly yet, please let us know and share wallet and transaction IDs. Then we add this to our improvement list. Once there are changes on our blockchain importers, we always announce it on our "New features page".

For now - as always - please adjust wrong transactions manually, add missing ones and if you need to delete transactions, please add a start date as described here to avoid re-imports of those deleted transactions: How to avoid or unwanted transactions/re-imports or SCAM token via API jobs?

If liquidity pool/mining transactions are wrongly imported, those have to be adjusted manually as described here: Import of Liquidity Pool/Mining transactions

If prices and therefor asset values are missing then please proceed as described here:  How to add NFT or IDO transactions or LM/LP Token Values/Prices

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