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How to Edit and Delete Transactions

In CoinTracking you have the ability to edit or delete transactions, either by individual selection or by setting conditions for a Bulk Edit/Delete.

To edit or delete transactions, go to Enter Coins.

Warning: Always create a backup before deleting or editing transactions in your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to restore your data if something goes wrong!

This article is separated into five sections:

1) Delete transactions by selection

2) Delete transactions by setting conditions (Bulk Delete)

3) Edit single transaction

4) Edit multiple transactions

5) Edit transactions by setting conditions (Bulk Edit)

1) Delete by selection 

This option is useful if you want to delete a small number of transactions.

To delete a transaction, tick the white box to the left of the transaction line and click 'Delete'.

If you want to delete more than one transaction, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and select the transactions by ticking the white boxes on the left.

Afterward, click on delete.

You can also delete the entire page by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting the first and last transactions on the page:

You can use this method to select transactions across several pages.

Hold down the SHIFT key, select the first and last transactions and move to the next page. You can select up to 500 transactions in this way.

Please note that you can only select multiple pages of transactions when using the CSP mode on the Enter Coins page:

2) Delete by conditions

Use this option if you want to delete a large number of transactions.

We have created a quick guide to show you how to delete all your transactions or how to delete transactions by wallet/exchange. Additionally, you can set further conditions.


3) Edit single transaction

When it comes to editing transactions, you have multiple options.

First, we will explain, how to edit a single transaction.

The quickest way to edit a transaction, is to directly click on the value that needs to be changed.

In this example, we will edit the currency of a transaction.

Click on the currency:

You can now change your trade currency:

Note that this way of editing a transaction is limited and does not provide you with all the editing options, such as changing the transaction type.

To edit a transaction with all available options, tick the white box to the left of the transaction line and click 'Edit'.

A window will open allowing you to change the transaction type or other values of the transaction.

Once you have edited your transaction, click on "Update".

4) Edit multiple transactions

Please note that this feature is for advanced users. We highly recommend creating a backup before you start this process!

To select multiple transactions, please refer to the methods mentioned in Section 1) Delete by selection where we explain how to select multiple transactions using SHIFT, CTRL etc.

Only edit multiple transactions of the same transaction type (e.g. editing multiple trades).

When editing multiple transactions, you can either keep the individual values for your transactions or set new values.

In this example, we are going to edit the trade currency for three transactions to Bitcoin:

Select multiple transactions of the same transaction type and click 'Edit' to open this window:

If the fields marked with "multiple values" are left unchanged, the processed transactions will retain their individual values for these fields.

If you want to change the values, click on "Multiple Values" and enter your new values.

All the transactions you are editing will now have these new values.

In this example, we will change the currency to Bitcoin (on the buy side).

On the buy side, go to the currency field and click on "Multiple Values".

Then enter "Bitcoin" as the new currency and click "Update".

You have now successfully changed the currency to Bitcoin.

Please note that you may need to adjust other information such as the Asset Value, the Sell Amount or the Trading Fees in order for your edited trades to be set up correctly.

If this process is too difficult, please edit your transactions one by one or check the Bulk Edit/Delete feature below.

5) Edit transactions by setting conditions (Bulk Edit)

Use this feature if you want to edit a large number of transactions.

You have the option to edit transactions by setting different conditions.

Click on "Bulk Edit/Delete"

Go to Bulk Edit.

We have created easy-to-follow step-by-step guides for each editing process:

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