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Handling of Rebase token or elastic coins like AMPL

While we can track the value of the coin there currently is no way to source the rising and falling amount of the coin. It would have to get checked and changed every few minutes (but we can not access this information) and in addition there is no clear guidance how to deal with the difference of coin amount. Since the initial investment stays the same, additional coins should be added without tax consequences as well as the reduction of coins should not trigger a loss calculation. 

The only way to portray that in CoinTracking would be to do a daily (hourly?) check of the coin level and add or subtract with "income (non taxable)" and "expense (non taxable)". This would be a lot of manual entries by the customer.
The other possibility is to not track the coin amounts and only enter the purchase trade and then eventually the sale trade, since this is tax relevant. Unfortunately this means your AMPL amount and thus value would not be accurate due to the original amount staying in the account balance without adjustment with those transaction types as described before.

There is no solution at the moment for the display of elastic coins in CoinTracking automatically until the exchanges provide the rise and fall of those coins in an API or CSV.

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