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FTX Import Restrictions + Custom Import Settings File

Since the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has declared bankruptcy, we can no longer provide an API connection to import transactions.

However, we understand the importance of maintaining accurate records of your transactions. To assist you in this process, FTX provides an option to export your transaction history in CSV format. You can access this feature by visiting or by reaching out to the FTX support directly.

Once you obtain the CSV files containing your transaction history, you can import it into your CoinTracking account by using our Custom Importer.

In order to import the file, specific settings need to be used. To simplify this process, you can use the .dat file attached in this article (“FTX-Order_importSettings.dat”).

The process is as follows:

1) Go to the Custom Importer and choose your FTX file, then click on “Continue to Import”

Next, click on import settings on the bottom right, choose and load your .dat file.

Your settings will now be automatically set to import your FTX-transactions.

Note: This .dat file is for a specific format provided by FTX.

Sometimes FTX provides different formats, which will not work with this .dat file.

In this case, the custom settings have to be adjusted manually.

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