This article is about the technical background of an API. You can find more information around the request process of a new exchange API in this article:
Request process when exchange is not listed on CoinTracking / add new exchange

If you would like to request a new API to be integrated please check for the following availabiltiy:

For best integration we need either of the two main methods

1) A method to get _all_ trades (completed and partially canceled) for _all_ pairs. We don't need this to be fast, it can take up to 3 minutes and still be ok. For the trades we need the following data:

  • buy coin
  • buy amount
  • sell coin 
  • sell amount
  • fee coin
  • fee amount
  • unique id
  • time as unix timestamp(in seconds)

Here is an example of what we want to recieve:
{"id":1234567, "buy_coin":"BTC", "buy_amount":"1.00234522, "sell_coin":"LTC", "sell_amount":"10.0202020", "fee_coin":"BTC", "fee_amount":"0.001", "time":153232292}

In case it is difficult for you to adjust your api in that way, a structure like this would also be ok:

{"id":1234567, "pair":"LTC_BTC", "type":"sell", "amount":"1.00234522", "price":"10.0404470", "fee_amount":"0.001", "time":153232292}

We would need you to:

  • show as amount what you bought
  • calculate price as buy_amount(before fees) / sell_amount(before fees)
  • tell us if your amount field includes fee or not
  • have fees only in coin you buy or in coin you sell so we also know in which coin was fee

2) A method to get _all_ deposits and withdrawals

For deposit/withdrawal data we need:

  • coin
  • amount
  • fee amount
  • unique id
  • type (withdrawal/deposit)
  • time as unix timestamp(in seconds)

If users have other ways of earning or spending coins on you exchange, we need methods that return these too.

3) We need _read only_ api keys that don't allow trading or withdrawals, so we could save them on our site and run imports without any actions from the user side.