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Q&A Expectations, Processes and mostly raised questions

Why are balances not matching even if I used the API Importer?

Some exchanges have restrictions and do not provide the complete transaction history via API. The missing data may lead to discrepancies between the displayed balance in CoinTracking and the one in the respective exchange/wallet. In other cases, exchanges change their provided APIs or CSV formats due to an update which causes faulty imports.

Our goal is to import transactions as they happen on the exchanges, wallets or blockchains. In the crypto industry, we find ourselves in a rapidly changing and developing environment. Existing importing processes on our end can be affected by these aforementioned dynamics which could possibly lead to transactions being wrongly or not imported, at all. Resolving these issues requires additional developer effort on our end whose process takes time. Nevertheless, we are happy for any feedback provided by our customers which we will put on our improvement list. The reasonableness of the proposed changes will then be discussed by our product management and executed by priority (e.g. number of customer requests, size and importance of the related exchange/wallet).

Some cases will affect only a few, other cases may affect almost all customers using the API. After a fix, we will inform any customer that provided feedback on that issue or feature request. Once in place, we will announce it on our "New Features Pages", as well. The solution here and, in most cases, is to adjust, add, or remove those transactions to get matching balances. You can enter the transactions either manually on the "Enter Coins" page, with the “Excel Import” (all transaction types are supported) or with the “Custom Exchange Import” (only trades, deposits, withdrawals are supported): My Blockchain transactions are not imported correctly. Why?

Keep in mind that exchanges may have long-term issues, add a limitation to their API, or shut down permanently (e.g. Cryptopia). In such cases, it is better to have tracked those transactions in a timely manner, even if manual adjustments are needed: Exchange closed or missing data due to wallet inaccessibility


Why is the Live API Data showing correct balances, but the balance by exchange report not?

Balances are calculated based on transactions you add. The Live API Data shown is only a live view from the exchange to compare the balances based on the transactions imported to CoinTracking: Unlike other Tracking Services CoinTracking displays wrong balances. Why?


Do I need to re-import transactions after there was a fix/update?

Once added, transactions will not change or be deleted unless you change or delete them manually. So if there was a change/fix/update announced on our News Page, a bulk deletion and re-import might be needed: Bulk Edit and Delete transactions

Please create a backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described in the following article: Create backup, restore or export your account data

There is nothing to worry about if exchanges/chains do provide all transaction history data via API. You only need to be careful if there are limitations regarding transaction amount or certain transactions which date further back what the API could retrieve. Deleting all transactions and restarting the API might not bring back those older transactions again. This is why we always recommend creating a backup, first.

If there is a new API version and you are happy with the old one, there is no need to change to the new one. By doing so, you should consider that there probably will be no updates for the old API in the future. Alternatively, you can work with a start date and add this date to your new API job to use from onwards: Create and delete API Import Job


Why is every transaction imported, even small and repetitive funding fees? 

We do import transactions 1:1 as they happen on the exchanges. At the moment, you can only combine/summarize them manually per day/week/month/year if you want to reduce the amount of transactions in your account and if this option is allowed according to tax laws in your country. You can do this in Excel and adjust the amount into the sum of one transaction and delete the single transactions, afterwards. You then need to add a start date to the API job to avoid re-imports: How to Remove and Prevent the Re-Import of Scam Tokens

This article also describes how you can deal with scam tokens. 

You might need to upgrade your account in some cases - every transaction counts and the transaction limit displayed on the subscription page is referred to the total number of transactions on the account and not the amount per payment period:

Reached Trade Limit - upgrade how and why?

Is the PRO Trade limit total or per year and how can I summarize transactions?


Why is there a spread in asset value for a trade pair?

There is always a spread between two currencies coming from our price source as those values are independently calculated with an averaged weighted price and not imported from the exchanges: Fiat, coin and commodities price sources, individual exchange price, change Fiat account Currency

Please check those FAQs here for details:

Gains - Prices Setting (Dropdown)

Coin Price/Value Does Not Seem Correct

The cost basis seems wrong in the Gains/Tax Report

We use asset values calculated based on the prices we get from our price sources.  So 10 of coin x have the price of 9 USD per coin which results in an asset value of 90 USD (asset value = amount * price). At the same time, 100 of Coin y is priced at 0,89 USD per coin according to our price source which leads to an asset value (sell or purchase) of 89 USD. So you have a 1 USD spread here. There is nothing wrong about it. Coin x and y have never the same price at the same time.

And there is no option to change this circumstance in the account as a whole. You can only adjust the asset values manually: Edit asset value manually


Why is my coin value wrong or have I turned into a millionaire, overnight?

1) Please check for scam coins first: How to avoid unwanted transactions/re-imports or SCAM tokens via API jobs?

2) Please check the Coin Trend Page whether you are using the correct ticker for coins with high/wrong values.

Please rename the ticker into the correct one as described in the following article: Entering / Editing Renamed or Re-branded Coins (e.g. ANS and NEO)

If the wrong ticker was imported via an API or CSV importer, we might have changed that already. If not, just let us know and we will adjust the importer accordingly.  

Please create a backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data

3) If there is a dip in some charts, do a recalculation first: My account is showing a dip on balance by day report - Force a recalculation

How can you help us to keep CoinTracking up to date?

Our user community is not only our customer base, but also our biggest asset - a diverse group of crypto experts active on basically all exchanges, participating in the newest trends and projects. With your help as omnipresent eyes and ears in the crypto space we can identify changes and updates quickly and immediately adjust our software. We are grateful for any issue reports via tickets and social media - together we can improve and expand CoinTracking for all users!

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