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Some lately imported transactions distort my balance - what to do?

Follow the steps highlighted in this article in order to identify newly added transactions.

You can then use methods in order to edit them or delete them from your portfolio.

Check the Trade List (Full view)  to see which new transaction have been added recently by looking at the "Add Date".

Please check the Coin Trends Page and compare if all of your tickers have been imported correctly.

We are using tickers that sometimes differ from the original tickers.

For example, we use SOL2 for SOL (Solana) or DOT2 for DOT (Polkadot).

If the values of your transactions are off, it may be an indication that your transactions have been imported with the wrong ticker, and thus CoinTracking is calculating your values incorrectly.

If you need to rename a ticker into the correct one, check out this guide: How to Identify the Correct Ticker for Blockchain Imports in CoinTracking.

Please create backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data

If you have coins that are not listed on our Coin Trends Page yet, please refer to this article: How to add ICOs/IDOs into CoinTracking?

If you have unwanted/scam coins that have been sent to your wallet, follow this guide to remove them: How to Remove and Prevent the Re-Import of Scam Tokens

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