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Depot/Lot separation

By default, CoinTracking uses an overall method across all exchanges/wallets and calculates gains purely with cost bases by date sequence. By activating depot separation, all exchanges and wallets are treated as separate depots (tax lots). Every different name in the field "exchange" count as separate depot which could also be a wallet name.
This new depot separation automatically recognizes all deposits and withdrawals and assigns them to the respective exchanges/wallets. All previous assignments (from the old depot separation method) are no longer needed or used. 

Please ensure that all your deposits and withdrawals between exchanges/wallets are set completely and correctly (withdrawal before deposit!) in your CoinTracking account when enabling this setting.

The following reports can be used with depot separation:

1. The tax report

2. If the Transaction (Tx) Flow Chart contains warnings, please check those transactions. Root cause is e.g. if the deposit happens before the withdrawal, transactions are missing or not enough coins are available to transfer.

If transactions missing or wrongly added, please check this FAQ for more helpful tools and tips how to identify those transactions: How to validate my account?

3. The realised/unrealised gain report 

4. The Long&Short report 

5. The Roll Forward / Audit Report you could enable it as well.

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