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How to add Liquidity Pool transactions as trade? (LEGACY)


This article refers to the old Import method. We recommend reading our current article Import of Liquidity Pool/Mining transactions.


If they are on the ETH chain please import them using your ETH wallet address. Here is a new version of our importer available where all LP transactions are imported automatically. For the current ETH importer everything is described here: How to import DEX trades like Uniswap, 0x, Kyber Network, SushiSwap

We have Binance Smart Chain direct import API as well where all LP transactions are imported automatically.

In general you have to add trades while you start the pool and again trades when you finish the pool. The volatility changes in between do not need to be tracked. 

For example 0,1 ETH for 50 LP token and 0,01 BTC for the other 50 LP token are those two trades. That means you have to split the LP token amount equal (50%) to each trade. 
And if you end the pool do the same vice versa and sell your 100 LP token for each amount of the two pool currencies. 

If you receive any bonuses please add those as "bonus" or any other income transaction and add a custom price as described here  Entering ICO Coins and Non Listed, if this token is not yet listed on one of our price sources (Fiat, coin and commodities price sources, individual exchange price, change Fiat account Currency). You can check the coin trends page if a coin is already listed with CoinTracking.

Depending on the tax laws of your country you can also add the start and ending of an LP as deposit and withdrawal transactions and it is described here (currently all LP transactions are imported like this): How are Liquidity Pool transactions imported?

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