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Why do I need the opt version?

The new austrian law related to the taxation of cryptocurrencies is applicable since 03/01/2022. As consequence, taxpayers need to apply the law for the first time in their tax returns for the tax year 2022. 

IMPORTANT: For the 2022 tax return, CoinTracking users have two different options to create their tax reports:

First, the opted-in version. The new regulation will be applied voluntarily from 01/01/2022 going forward and all taxable transactions within the year 2022 fall under the special tax rate (27.5%, flat rate). CoinTracking users do not need to do anything else but select the tax year 2022.

With the second option, the new regulation will only be applied from 03/01/2022 going forward. As a result, transactions until 02/28/2022 fall under the old regulation (holding period + personal tax rate, possibly higher than 27.5%). To use this option, two separate tax reports must be created. To create the first tax report, select the custom period from 01/01/22 to 02/28/2022. This first tax report applies the old regulation. To create the second tax report, select the user-defined period from 03/01/2022 to 12/31/2022 and get the second tax report applying new regulation.

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