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My FBAR Report is incorrect

The FBAR will only be the same as the Balance by Coins or Balance by Exchange Report results, if there are no warnings in the "Transaction Flow Report" and you have imported all your FIAT deposits and withdrawals (see "exchange based method" in this FAQ)

The reason for this is that in the balance reports, we simply add all coins amounts IN, minus all coin amounts OUT.

So if we have these transactions
20.10.2022 Lost 10 BTC
22.10.2022 Staking 10 BTC

We will get a sum of zero BTC in "Coins by Exchange" report.

It's different in FBAR and the tax report.

We will first get a -10 BTC transaction, but it's impossible to have a negative balance, so the balance will stay  0 BTC. Then we will add 10 BTC from staking - that means that the final amount would be 10 BTC in the FBAR, which is different to "Coins by Exchange".

Please check that your FIAT transactions are on place and your transaction flow is without warnings to ensure a correct FBAR report.

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