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KAP+SO, WISO and ELSTER reports

For WISO we offer a CSV export option. Please open the Tax report page in your account and load the report:

On your capital gains report please click on the "WISO Steuer" button:

Please follow the instructions on the next page.

WISO does only import capital gains which are short (below 12 month holding period) and income for this tax year. They do not offer any other import options for fees, donation, loss, derivative/margin/futures PnL data etc. right now. So this could lead to different results. Long Trades are not part of the CSV as well as WISO would add them as taxable. The not supported transactions types could be added manually as sum/totals in WISO. 

Therefor we offer a fill-in-help for "KAP+SO" via download of your tax report which you can use. Finally it is your choice how many and which reports you send to the authorities as proof of evidence. 

For ELSTER there is no Export Option available yet.

Why are my e.g. Margin Losses are not automatically part of the KAP+SO form?

Because the losses are capped at a certain amount and maybe someone has losses from other assets. Therefor you find the number in your tax report but you need to fill the number manually into your KAP form. 

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