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How to avoid unwanted transactions/re-imports or SCAM tokens via API jobs?

The purpose of API jobs is to always import transactions automatically (again) if you delete some of them. Already imported transactions that are only modified will not be reimported or overwritten unless we change the API itself e.g. due to announcement on our new features page

If you identify transactions imported via API which you do not want to have in your account please do the following:

1. Please add a start date to your API jobs as described here: Create and delete API Import Job
2. Please create backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data
3. Delete those unwanted transactions either one by one or in bulk: Bulk Edit/Delete - Instructions 

This solution could be chosen as well if you imported your transactions via CSV in the past and the balance is perfectly fine and you want to start using the API now (which we always recommend as first option) please add a start date to your API job.

If you would only like to take the coin out of your balance, you can set the amount of the coin to zero on the Enter Coins page or you rename the ticker into a ticker which is not yet used (see coin trend page) e.g. xyzscam as described here: Entering / Editing Renamed or Re-branded Coins (e.g. ANS and NEO)


We have now an automated blacklist filter for SCAM tokens available for MATIC, ETH, BSC and FTM blockchain importers. Please follow the instructions on the importer pages:

On the Enter Coins page you could add a token while editing a transaction to the blacklist as well. It is only possible with the latest versions of some blockchain importers so it won´t be shown with all coin entries. So if it is not available in your case please use the other options listed above.

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