If your account shows imbalances across the board, please make sure you have completed all these important steps:

1) Import all data from all exchanges you frequent 

Be observant on the import page what the import is missing (red crosses) and enter this data yourself.

Methods to enter data include:

Manual entry on the "Enter Coins" page, the "Excel Import", or the "Custom Exchange Import". 

More details: Entering Trades and Entering Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers Between Exchanges / Wallets

If you have already set up APIs, double check that they have no error message on the import page.

2) Go to your Balance by Exchange page and compare the coin balances with your real life balances

You should see no negative numbers other than FIAT.

IF you see other negative numbers, you have missed something in step 1

You can identify the coin and exchange here easily and go back to add the missing data.

Common reasons for negative numbers: Wrong or Negative Coin Values

3) If you suspect double entries, please go to the Trade List and select Full View

Then Advance Search for the coin and exchange with the issue. Under the column "Imported" you can see the source of the entry (for manual entries field is empty) and decide which one to delete.

If you want to avoid future double entry, read here: Reoccurring Duplicate Transactions

4) Import all wallets you own. 

Wallets are updated every couple of hours, BUT ETH wallets do not import internal transactions and some tokens. So they also have to be entered by you as well.

5) If you have small discrepancies for coins

Check whether they could stem from fees not being deducted. Enter those as [OUT] OTHER FEE to balance your amounts or add them to the trade as described here.

6) If you are missing entire coins or coins are not calculated

Please make sure that the ticker is correct by searching for the coin on the Coin Trends page and comparing it to your trades. If the tickers are different, please rename the coins to start recalculation: Entering / Editing Renamed or Re-branded Coins (e.g. ANS and NEO)

7) Tax warnings do not necessarily give you the exact trade, because sometimes the coins are split into purchase pools

Search for the coin, exchange and date in the Trade List to find the data underlying the warning. 

The error (e.g. not enough BTC) does not have to originate on the same date, but could have lain dormant for a while until that trade and therefore the missing information could be longer ago than the warning. Purchase Pool Warnings

If you have warnings between FIATS, then you can remedy this easily: Working with Two Fiat Currencies / Cost Basis 0 for FIAT

8) Discrepancies in the balance can also occur due to coins you got from a fork or ICO.

If you received coins from a fork: Entering Coins With a Fork (e.g. BTC and BCH)

If you participated in an ICO: Entering ICO Coins and Non Listed Assets

9) Missing Transaction 

Check the Missing Transactions Page, especially when the gains page shows a different amount for coins than the dashboard.

Correct white (unmatched) lines with the help of this article: Missing Transactions

Still errors in the account?

If you have executed all steps above and you still can’t find the reason for an imbalance or tax report warning, please contact us via a support desk ticket. 

We will need your help with this time consuming process of error analysis and would at the very least require the following information about a wrong balance: 

- which coin 

- which exchange 

- which time period.

- and in which account (if you have multiple joined accounts) or which tax report number you are referring to. 

- a screenshot is also always helpful.

If data from several exchanges or coins show inconsistencies, please focus on the one with the greatest deviation or choose a specific example.

Thank you for your cooperation.