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Exchange closed or missing data due to wallet inaccessibility

Our software calculates balances and reports based on the transactions you import. If you lose access to an exchange or wallet, and you have no record of your data (CSV/Excel file) there, you might have to enter your best guess and create a "Loss" transaction for the remaining coins or coins you sent there.

Here are some recommendations:

  • If you have no transaction data at all from not accessible / not available wallets or exchanges, we recommend adding those as "Lost" in total for the balances of your coins.
  • If you have some transactions missing this becomes more difficult because you can only add those transactions as "best guess", because everything within CoinTracking is calculated based on transactions.
  • If you have sent coins via "withdrawal" transaction to a non-accessible wallet/exchange, you could convert / change this transaction into a "Lost" transactions instead of a withdrawal.
  • If those coins have been traded there and those trade transactions are missing, the only solution is a "best guess" transansaction here as well.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do from our end as we need a complete history of the data, and only you can do the best guess at what happened.

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