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Explanation of Transaction Types (LEGACY)


This article is out of date. We recommend reading our current article Transaction Types .


In Cointracking you can choose between several transaction types to map your capital flows. Those transaction types trigger different calculations. 

There are mainly "one-way" transactions [In] or [Out].

In addition there is the "Trade (exchange)" transaction where you can show the swap between trade pairs, either FIAT with crypto currencies or between two crypto currencies.

A special transaction is "Transfer" which creates an [In] and [Out] transaction (withdrawal and deposit) with one entry..

The following transaction types are available:

1. Trade: You buy one currency and sell another  e.g. USD/BTC or BTC/USD (more information: Entering Trades).

2. [In] General Deposit (Transfer): A deposit into a wallet or exchange (More information and step-by-step instructions: Entering Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers Between Exchanges / Wallets).

3. [In] Income: Earnings or payments you receive.
4. [In] Mining: If you receive coins you mined.

5. [In] Gift / Tip: If you receive a gift from someone, also sometimes: air drops, forks, rebates, rewards, dividends (more information: Possibilities to tax a forked or donated coin).
6. [Out] General Withdrawel (Transfer): A withdrawal from a wallet or exchange (counterpart of "[In] General Deposit (Transfer)" transaction). More information and step-by-step instructions: Entering Deposits, Withdrawals, and Transfers Between Exchanges / Wallets

7. [Out] Spend: Expenses or payments for good or services (counterpart of "[In] Income" transaction).

8. [Out] Donation (Registered Charity): If you make an official donation.

9. [Out] Gift: If you send a gift to someone (counterpart of "[In] Gift / Tip" transaction).
10. [Out] Stolen / Hacked / Fraud: Coins which you do not own anymore for some reason e.g. scams, wallet hacks, fraud.

11. [Out] Lost: Coins which could be seen as lost e.g. delistings, exchanges down, also: fees that can not be entered within a trade (more Information: BNB balance wrong due to fees not being deducted).

12. Transfer: Creates two transactions - one "[In] General Deposit (Transfer)" and one "[Out] General Withdrawal (Transfer)" - in one entry (more information and step-by-step instructions: Difference between "Transfer" and "Deposit/Withdrawal").

Deposits (2.) and withdrawals (6.) do not have a cost basis as they are considered movements of existing coins between wallets or exchanges. They are also not part of the tax return data.

Use cases and more examples with explanations are described in this article: Types of transactions - examples and explanations

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