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How to import or add Blur Pool transactions

If you have used the Blur Pool to Buy NFTs you can follow this instruction to import them:

1. Create a Withdrawal of X ETH from your ETH wallet

2. Create a Deposit of X ETH - change the exchange name to "Blur Pool"

3. Enter the trades of the NFTs (see: How to add NFT or IDO transactions or LM/LP Token Values/Prices)

4. Withdraw the NFTs from the Blur Pool and Deposit them into your wallet

(5. Withdraw the remaining ETH of that Blur Pool wallet and Deposit it into your ETH wallet.)


You deposit 1 ETH into the Blur Pool of a collection and bid 0.1 ETH per NFT.

-> Transfer of 1 ETH into the Blur Pool Wallet

You end up buying 5 NFTs for 0.1 ETH each. 

-> Add 5 Trades of 0.1 ETH for a NFT

You transfer the 5 NFTs back to your wallet

-> Add 5 Transfers for the NFTs from the Blur Pool wallet to your wallet. 

You transfer the remaining 0.5 ETH back to your wallet.

-> Add 1 Transfer of 0.5 ETH from the Blur Pool wallet to your wallet.

Please note that the withdrawal of ETH from your wallet and the deposit of the NFT (Step 1 and 4) might already be imported into your account via the Blockchain API.

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