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Missing data from Binance API or CSV (LEGACY)


This article refers to the old Binance Legacy Import. We strongly recommend using the new Binance API & CSV Import here.


If you are currently importing your data via the Binance API not all coin transactions can be imported. 

1) Starting in September 2020, Binance is not providing certain coin purchases for FIAT from the "Cash balance" or the "Convert" Transactions. They can only be entered manually. After Login on top right above orders click on Convert History klicken 

You can find them as follows:

From the Wallet Overview select Orders, then Spot Oders

From the page that opens then select  Buy Crypto History

That page should display data :

Or for the Convert please look here:

2) Some Rebate transations are also not imported via the Binance API. The can be found here: 

and have to be added manually - but please check what has already been imported

3) Another place to find tiny coin amounts is for Spot trades the Commissions Fees Shared with You

4) The Binance API sometimes also skips transaction data history from already delisted coins, but they can be found in the CSV.

5) The "Small Asset Conversion history" (Slider: Dust to BNB conversions) is restricted to only the past 15 days via the API. All others have to be entered manually or imported like this.

6) Not included in either CSV or API is POS saving purchase/interest/redemption

It can be found here and must be entered manually:

7) The API also does not import any trades that are indicated as Large OTC Trading and data from "The Easiest Way to trade" is not imported via the Binance API and has to be entered manually.

8) For the CSV import, the "distribution history" and the "conversion history" currently can be exported from your Binance Account into an Excel or CSV file. Please select a time range and click on "search". 

And if you are not using the Binance API, but the Binance CSV importer you can enter (copy/paste) this data into our Excel Template and import it in bulk via our Excel Importer.

9) Commission or Bonus are not provided as well, but we have a separate direct CSV importer here where you can import those transactions.

10) And we do not offer margin trade support for Binance right now. We would need the PnL data (profit and loss as a result of a closed position) provided by Binance. You can ask Binance if they have those data available as CSV/Excel and you could use our Excel Template to import those PnL data (transaction types "margin loss" and "margin profit").

11) If you are using BNB as a third currency to pay the fee for any of those trades, you can enable the slider during the CSV import:

More information can be found in this article: BNB balance wrong due to fees not being deducted

12) If you have future trades, you can import that CSV via the Custom Importer as described here, but Future PnL data are provided via API if you enable the slider within your API job. 

13) Locked staking rewards are provided via Binance API from May, 9th 2021 onward only. Transactions from before have to be added manually as well.

14) Binance Liquid Swap transaction data are not provided as well and you have to add them manually:

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