1. First of all - we recommend to do this regularly - create a backup of all of your data under "account/trades backup" and/or use the CSV export from the Enter Coins page (without trade IDs), showing all trades as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data
2. Check your API connections as described here API Overview - Wallets and Exchanges and update the jobs according to the step-by-step instructions on each API page and as described here: Create and delete API Import Job
3. Check if you need to import data via CSV and download the latest CSV files from your wallet/exchange accounts
4. Check if you need to import some manually adjusted data with our bulk importers "Excel Import" or with the "Custom Exchange Import". Both are very flexibly customizable and data can be uploaded in a bulk action.

5. Add free coins (like forks, rebates, dividends) that are not included in the APIs and CSVs

6. Now delete all your data via "bulk edit/delete" on the Enter Coins page as described here: Delete Some Or All Transactions

7. Import all data again: 
  • Start the API jobs with a click on Check Now
  • Import data from CSV files (if needed)
  • Import customized import data (if needed)
  • Manually add free coins

Another option is to create a 2nd account and link it to your existing account as described here:

How to create additional accounts on CoinTracking

Create Multiple Accounts On CoinTracking

You could then just start from scratch in the new account and switch easily between them to double check transactions / settings. You can delete one account, if all data is correct or copy all data over into the 2nd account as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data