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Entering Transactions - API / CSV / manually

To use CoinTracking and see the value and the profit / loss of your trades, you need to enter your coin transactions first. This is possible on the Enter Coins page and via the importers.

There are three different ways to add your transactions:

  • Manual Entry on the Enter Coins page.
  • Exchange CSV Import
  • Automatic API Import

To import via CSV or API, scroll down on the Enter Coins page, click on the exchange logo and follow the steps on the import instructions on each exchange or wallet page:

or select the exchange from the "Enter Coins" drop down:

More information regarding APIs and wallets can be found here:

API Overview - Wallets and Exchanges

BTC and Altcoin Wallet API Import

To create a manual trade, click the New button above the table on the Enter Coins page.

You have bought 1 BTC for 500 USD
Create 1 new entry: Buy = 1 BTC, Sell = 500 USD


Go to Enter Coins page > Overview & Manual Import 

New (for Add a new Transaction) 

Transaction Type = Trade
Buy = 1 BTC

Sell = 500 USD

Please also check the chapter Enter Trades in our Documentation for more information. 

If you have encountered fees for your transactions, please make sure to enter them as well as described here. 

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