1.) Transfering Euros from my checking account / my credit card to Coinbase.

- This is entered / imported as a "general deposit" on Coinbase. However, Fiat deposits and withdrawals are not always recorded, depending on the type of portfolio management.

2.) Buying BTC from these Euros on Coinbase.

- This is entered as a "Trade" on Coinbase.

3.) Transfering this BTC to my wallet.

This is a "general withdrawal" from Coinbase and a "general deposit" to the wallet.

4.) Buying hash power at Genesis Mining.

his is usually an "Spend" and is listed in the capital gains report.

5.) Automatically getting paid BTC by Genesis Mining (to my wallet).

This is usually "income" or "mining" and is listed in the income report.

6.) Transfer BTC from my wallet to Coinbase.

This is a "general withdrawal" from the wallet and a "general deposit" to Coinbase.

7.) Selling the BTC for Euro.

This is entered as a "Trade" on Coinbase. (You "buy" FIAT)

8.) Transferring these Euro to my bank account

If you are entering FIAT, then this is a "General withdrawal", but if you follow the recommended method, you don't enter anything.

9.) Getting coins as a gift or air drop

This is entered as "gift" and can also be used for forked coins