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Entering ICO Coins and Non Listed Assets

CoinTracking automatically records prices for new coins as soon as they are listed on one of your major coin sources like CoinMarketCap or WorldCoinIndex.

ICO Coins or assets that are not listed on any exchange can still be registered in your CoinTracking account.
To do this go to the Enter Coins page, create a new trade and enter the amount and currency of the purchased coin or asset. (The currency will not be displayed in the drop-down, but can still be saved.)

Once the new currency has been saved, it appears in the 'Summary' box on the right. The currency value will be zero and be shown underlined. Click on this underlined zero value to enter a custom price.

For a change you can click on "set custom price" to enter/re-enter a custom price. You might add this price manually as long as those tokens are not listed on CMC or WCI. The Link could be found on the "Enter Coins" page (down on right side below your Coin Summary): 


For ICO Coins it is recommended to use your own purchase price.

Use the 'Best Price' option to override your custom price as soon as your currency is traded on an exchange. 

After recalculation the coin will show up in your summary / balances as well.

If you want to know which transactions need to be added while taking part within an ICO please see this article as well: Transactions necessary for ICO trade documentation

Please note that the current market price has to be adjusted manually while changing the custom (current) price, because there is no price history available, because the values are only available within your account.
If you have trades or get rewards of those coins and they have not been listed on price sources in the past you have to add those asset values retrospectively like described here: Edit asset value manually. Within a trade you can take the asset value from the other coin of the pair. Once you have done this at all income transactions and the sell transaction then there is a gain/loss calculated as for listed coins as well.

And please keep that as well in mind when you set a custom price and it is wrongly reflected in your (tax) reports. The reason is when you set custom price in something different than BTC we convert the price to BTC by the current exchange rate. We even change it automatically every 10 mins. So when you set it to e.g. USD it actually is saved in BTC value which is updated constantly. Now, if you generated tax report for previous years we will take that BTC value and USD exchange rate from now. It could be lower or it could much higher than it was e.g. at the end of the tax year. The solution for now is to set custom price in the right BTC value at the certain date where you want to have your report for.


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