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Guarding Your CoinTracking Account Against Phishing/Scam Attempts

Dear CoinTracking Community,

In our interconnected world, staying vigilant about online security is crucial. Recently, we've become aware of a phishing attempt circulating that falsely claims association with CoinTracking. Your security and privacy are our top priorities, and we want to ensure you have the tools to protect yourself. Here are some essential steps to take to safeguard against phishing emails:

1. Verify Email Sender:

Before taking any action, scrutinize the sender's email address. Legitimate communications from CoinTracking will always come from an official domain, typically ending in If the sender's email seems suspicious or unfamiliar, proceed with caution.

2. Check Website Domain:

Phishing emails often contain deceptive links. Hover over any links (without clicking) to reveal the actual web address. Ensure that the domain matches CoinTracking's official domain, "" . If there's a discrepancy, refrain from clicking the link.

3. Avoid Clicking Suspicious Links:

Exercise caution with unexpected emails, especially those urging immediate action. If an email seems unusual or prompts you to click on links or download attachments unexpectedly, refrain from doing so. Verify the email's legitimacy before taking any further steps.

4. Verify Requests for Information:

Remember, CoinTracking will never ask for sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card details or to "connect your wallets with trading or withdrawal permissions".

5. Report Suspicious Emails:

If you encounter an email that appears to be a phishing attempt, please forward it to Your reports help us investigate and take appropriate action against fraudulent activity.

We want to reassure you that there has been no breach in our application. Your data remains secure, and we are actively addressing this situation to enhance our protective measures.

If you have any concerns or questions, our customer support team is here to help. Reach out to us at or via ticket.

Thank you for your understanding and vigilance in protecting your online security. Together, we can create a safer digital experience for everyone.

Stay secure,

Your CoinTracking Team

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