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2gether CSV

If you want to import the data via our CSV Import, they need to use the exact format (header, column, date format, etc.) as shown below. It is not going to work with a different format. So please change your file to this:

However, you can also import the file via the Custom Exchange Import with the following setting:

Please note that:
  • The buy and sell amounts on CoinTracking should already include the fees (see: Entering Fees). If the amounts in the file have not considered the fees, please add the 3rd parameter with "Math for values".
  • All transactions will be imported either as trades, deposits (for incoming transactions), and withdrawals (for outgoing transactions).
If needed, please change the transaction type by using the search box on the Transactions page to find the transactions, ticking the first transaction, clicking on the "shift" button, ticking the last transactions, and clicking the "Edit" button on your screen.

To see all transaction types available on CoinTracking, please read our FAQ article: Expanded Transaction Types (May 2020).

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