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Edit asset value manually

The "asset value" is always calculated automatically with the formula "amount * price according to time stamp" (according to our price sources  Fiat, coin and commodities price sources, individual exchange price, change Fiat account Currency). 

The difference between asset value and cost basis is as follows:
The asset value is always related to the transaction at this point in time ONLY. The cost basis is calculated from ALL previous purchases and sells. 

If you want to adjust the asset value for whatever reason (e.g. the spread is to high) you need to do this manually for each transaction.

Go to the "Enter Coins" page.
1. Select a transaction
2. click on "edit"
3. click on "edit asset value"
4. Adjust the "purchase value"
5. Adjust the "sale value"

This FAQ article might be helpful for this topic as well: Coin Price/Value Does Not Seem Correct

There is no way to import the asset value separately e.g. via "Custom Exchange Import" in bulk. So it has to be done manually for each transaction as described here.

The Asset values (price at the time of transactions times amount of coins) are only be refreshed once per hour. This could lead to a small spread deviation at crypto to crypto trades. You can reset all asset values later in your account here, then the transactions are calculated with accurate to the minute pricesbut be careful as in this case all manually added/adjusted asset values will be removed as well.  

As always when you modify data, we recommend creating a backup beforehand (and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data

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