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Reverse Split PAC and rename to $PAC

The reverse split from PAC to $PAC has to be entered / corrected within Cointracking in several steps. 

Usually the swap related $PAC are imported as deposit. This deposit needs to be changed into a trade. 

In addition the coin is listed in Cointracking as PAC2 and not as $PAC.


Assuming you received 1 PAC2/$PAC which came as a result of 1000 PAC.

1) Choose the deposit transaction on the enter coins page (or create a new trade transaction). 

2) Enter Buy: 20 PAC2 Sell: 20000 PAC. (You would enter your actual amount). 
3) Select the "edit asset value" drop-down and enter the asset value of the originally bought PAC in order to have no gains/loss.image

And under asset value (button under currencies) you need to enter the exact FIAT value of PAC for which you originally bought it, in order to have no gains/loss. Please look up the original purchase value of the PAC and enter that into the sale value of the trade as well as the value for PAC2, so your new coins retain the original purchase value of PAC.

In a nutshell, you need to add a trade by setting an amount and price which not caused gain or loss. So your balance and gains should not change by this transaction, but the amount of coin will.

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