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Possibilities to tax a forked or donated coin

As the individual countries treat coin gifts differently from a tax point of view, there are various possibilities for registering them here.

Here are two ways you can enter your coin gifts (Airdrops, Forks etc):

1) You enter the coin as a gift. Its value at the time of receipt is calculated by the software and provides the cost basis on which a loss or profit is realized on sale.
The value of the coin on receipt then appears in the income report of the year of receipt, the profit/loss in the year of sale.

2) You enter the coin as a gift and set the cost base of this coin to zero on the gains and tax page using the filter function (double click). This will set the value to zero at the time of receipt. When selling, the total value of the coin (and not only the difference to the purchase value) is calculated. 

The value of the coin on receipt then is calculated as zero when sold (total value is recorded as a profit in the year of sale), however you will still see the value in the income report of the year of receipt. If you want to exclude the value from the income section of tax report, please follow these instructions: Exclude Staking and other income rewards on tax reports

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