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Binance API - Update Trade Pairs

For the Binance API, occasional updating of the trade pairs might be needed, in contrast to other API jobs. 

Each time you have a transaction which involves a trade pair (combination of two coins) that you have never been trading before at Binance, you need to update the trade pairs, which we will explain in this article.


You have traded BTC/XML (trade pair) for the very first time in Binance, and you never had a trade with this combination of coins before. Then you need to update the trade pairs to import the new transactions.

You do not need to update the trading pair if you already have traded the pair BTC/XML on Binance in the past!

While setting up the API Job for the first time, all of your traded pairs on Binance will be identified and documented.

If you however trade a new pair, a manual update within the API job is needed. Follow the steps below, to update your Trade Pairs:

1) On the Binance API Import Page: Scroll down to your running Binance jobs and click on edit.

2) After clicking on edit, click on "Update Job and Trade Pairs" to add any new Trade Pairs.

Now, your newly updated Trade Pairs will be added. In addition, the BNB third currency fees are also imported automatically if they are used for trading. 

For more details, you can check this article as well: BNB balance wrong due to fees not being deducted.

The process of updating your trade pairs may take up to several hours.

While searching for trade pairs, the number displayed will be 0:

The process is completed, when the number of trade pairs is not showing 0 anymore:

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