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Reinvestment Models like USI-Tech

Please use USI-Tech as if it were an exchange.

 assuming you have BTC in a wallet:

  - OUT (Withdrawal) from "Wallet BTC" (invested capital - imported by BTC Auto Wallet Import)

  - IN (Deposit) to "USI-Tech

    - OUT (Spend) on "USI-Tech(Purchase of BTC Packages)

    - IN (Income) on "USI-Tech(daily income)

(Repeat for multiple packages)   

If you cash out:

  - OUT (Withdrawal) from"USI-Tech(total capital. both invested and gained)

  - IN (Deposit) to "Wallet BTC(imported by BTC Auto Wallet Import)


To set up the BTC Auto wallet Import, please go to the Wallet Import page.

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