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Why does the holding summary in my full tax statement report show different coin amounts than the balance by exchange report?

The holding summary of your tax report (e.g. download the full PDF statement) shows the balance of coins by incoming exchange at the end of a tax year (e.g. 31.12.) but not the exchange where they are right now or even where it was at this date.

The current balance is shown here: Balance by Exchange. So it could happen that they do not match in terms of exchange name and (current) amount. 

If your Reporting Checks are free of warnings as shown here How to validate my account? and you are using Depot/Lot separation in your tax report settings, then the Balance by Exchange with the correct date filter (e.g. 01.01.2023) if you want to see balance from 31.12.2022) should match the holding summary at this end date.

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