As a free and additional service, CoinTracking offers a tax consultant list for all users.

Here you will find a list of crypto experienced tax experts who cooperate with CoinTracking under the tab "Tax Consultants". In addition we also offer a collection of country-specific tax information under the tab "Tax Information".

You have the option to contact a consultant or law firm directly via the tax consultant directory, 

With the consent of the CoinTracking User, the accountant is granted access to the user's accounts.

This greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of examining the data and preparing the tax return.

This process is made possibe by the Corporate Account Option. Every tax company has the opportunity to acquire a corporate account for Cointracking to streamline the collaboration of tax advisor and user. If your tax advisor does not offer this, you can ask him to email us for more information about our corporate service. 

We do not offer any other possibility to grant individual access to a third person for your account. A third person can just get access, if your disclose your account credentials, which we do not recommended. Instead you can use the available reports and pass them electronically or in printed form to your tax accountant.  Of course the tax report and other reports provided by us are an obvious choice. 

General Note: We are no tax advisors and we cannot legally comment on individual cases around taxation or provide advice how to file, since taxes are treated quite differently in each country. We recommend you consult a tax accountant or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), if needed.