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ROI (Return On Investment) and Profit/Loss Determination

In order to see your general profit/loss, use our overall-based tracking method and to check the monthly P/L on the "Daily Balance" page. (Use the different time setting) This also displays the ROI on your initial Fiat investments.

Different ways to track your portfolio

For the Overall-based tracking method, you skip all Fiat deposits and withdrawals.


This leads to the following results:

Your "Total Account Value:" shows your current profit/loss.

Your "Total Value of all Currencies:" shows your initial Fiat costs.

Your "Total Value of all Coins:" shows your actual Account value.

- If you want to see the tax reliable results, you need to use our "Realized and Unrealized Gains" page.

These numbers are calculated based on FIFO (etc.) calculation method, with the Fiat asset value at the time of transaction.

It is also possible to filter the data for specific time frames.

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