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Bybit API Import Restrictions

Currently, we are facing the following restrictions with the Bybit API Import:

  • Spot account data provided by Bybit for the last 6 months only
  • Deposits channeled to the "Spot Account" won't be imported due to missing data from the Bybit API.

  • Deposits channeled to the "Derivates Account" will be imported as three transactions.
    1. Deposit - Bybit Spot
    2. Withdrawal - Bybit Spot 
    3. Deposit - Bybit Derivatives

  • Transactions from your ByFi Account won't be imported
  • Transactions of WSOT NFTs won't be imported
  • sub account transactions won´t be imported
  • Future Grid Bot PnL won´t be imported

For now, you can enter the transactions either manually on the "Enter Coins" page, with the "Excel Import" or with the "Custom Exchange Import". Both are very flexible and customizable and data can be uploaded in a bulk action.

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