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Air Drop, Bonus or Interest?

All types of transactions - bonus / reward, interest, airdrop, staking, minting, masternode, mining, income - are listed in the income report with the daily value of the coin and may have to be taxed.

In general one could say:

Airdrop are coins that you are given without any action (and sometimes involuntarily)

Bonus / Reward are rewards for actions such as questionnaires or advertising and often one-off payments

To receive interest you have to store coins on an exchange

For staking income you have to actively stake

For concrete examples this means:

Clearly BONUS / Reward:

Binance Referral Program

20-41% commission fees / bonus on Binance for referring friends

Coinbase Referral Program

Get a bitcoin worth 10 USD for referring friends when cryptocurrencies worth 100 USD are bought by the friend

Brave browser

Basic attention tokens that are earned by the Brave Browser by looking at advertisements.

CoinList Rewards

Answering questions will give you free Orchid OXT tokens:

Coinbase / CoinMarketCap Earn Program

By answering questions you will receive free crypto currencies:

Bitpanda Academy

Receive a BEST token worth 5 euros for free by answering questions:

Incentivized test

Reward for participating in the Cardano Incentivized Testnet

Binance high-yield program

One-time bonus payment of 10,000 ADA tokens to Binance for depositing at least 1 million ADA tokens (Cardano) into the Binance wallet:


Binance Launchpad

By depositing Binance USD or Binance Coin, you get other tokens for free

Binance NEO, VeChain (VET) or Ontology

If you hold these cryptocurrencies on Binance, you get the following tokens for free: Gas (GAS) for NEO, VTHO for VeChain or ONG for Ontology

If in doubt, please contact a tax advisor if this classification is also correct for your tax report.

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