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Create and delete API Import Job

As written in this article API Overview - Wallets and Exchanges you have a few options within CoinTracking to using API connections to import your data from your wallets or exchanges and monitor them.

Here it is an overview how you create an API job for exchanges/wallets and how you delete this Job, if it is not needed anymore (e.g. if the API key is not valid anymore).

Create an API job:

1. Follow the individual step-by-step instructions on top of every API page and consider the possible restrictions of the API:

2. Enter the API Key (and secret) or wallet address and enable all other options you want to use:

  • automatic check over night or only manual check (not recommended due to possible time restrictions of APIs)
  • Transaction types you want to import
  • Label: will create a trade group as described here: How to create trade groups - not recommended, if you want to import margin trades
  • Start Date: e.g. if you used CSV import before and you want to use API from now on. A date in this field will PREVENT import of any transactions before the given time
  • Mail notification

Delete/Remove an API job:

1. Visit your API page

2. Click on "edit"

3. Click on "delete"

Please note:

It is not possible to migrate to another linked CoinTracking account or backup/restore any of those API jobs. They always have to be created again.

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