You can import transactions from wallets or exchanges via an API connection which allows you to import your transactions automatically. This is the recommended data importing method which is possible for everyone with a PRO or UNLIMITED subscription. You can find them on the Enter Coins page/menu:

You need an API key and secret to use the API for the exchanges. For the wallet APIs you need wallet addresses only.

We strongly recommend using just Read-Only Keys within your exchange accounts and please use this key only for one CoinTracking account connection and not for any other service you might use as it could have an impact on the functionality using the API within CoinTracking (e.g. refused by exchange with error message).

You can use IP Whitelisting as well as you find the IPs we are using here: CoinTracking IP Address for API white-listing

There is an API Live Data Check available where you can check current balance on all of your exchanges connected via API.

Another helpful feature is the API dashboard which you can find on the Enter Coins page:

- API ON: All keys are set to "automatic"

- API OFF: All keys are set to "manual" (manual import via "Check now" and not automatic once per day)

- Part. ON: Multiple keys, some of which are "automatic" and some "manual"

- ERROR: At least one API key is incorrect 

We have an CoinTracking API available as well which allows you to access your account data for the entered exchanges or wallets (export of your data). Please find all relevant information in the documentation on the API page