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Is the PRO Trade limit total or per year and how can summarize transactions?

The PRO limit is a total limit. If you have multiple accounts linked the total limit is valid for all linked accounts together and not per account. 

Once it is reached you will not be able to add more trades.

You can: 

1. summarize some of your existing transactions manually e.g. in Excel (in case of a trade only the same trade pair and time stamp), delete the single transactions and set a start date to avoid re-import of the single transactions.

For example if you get imported via API the following transactions
1.2.2022 10:00 0,01 CRO Staking
1.2.2022 11:00 0,01 CRO Staking
1.2.2022 12:00 0,01 CRO Staking
1.2.2022 13:00 0,01 CRO Staking
you can delete 3 of them and add a start date into your API job to avoid the re-import of those deleted transactions as described here: How to avoid or unwanted transactions/re-imports or SCAM token via API jobs? 
Then you adjust the sum of the 4th transaction into 0,04 CRO (instead of 0,01).
Please create backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data 

2. or upgrade to EXPERT S or any other plan as described here: Reached Trade Limit - upgrade how and why?

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