Here are some ideas why transactions show up as unmatched in the missing transactions report:

- Data is missing (this can happen with manual entries, especially when the transactions look similar)

- The exchange gave the same TX for two deposits or withdrawals thus the software skipped one as a duplicate

- Deposits or withdrawals were imported combined (i.e. you withdraw 1 BTC and then 2 BTC, but the deposit is the sum of 3 BTC)

- Your deposits are air drops, dividends, bonus, rebates, forks etc and have to be renamed to the respective transaction type on the Enter Coins page via Edit (available transactions types are Airdrop, Bonus, Income etc - for forks see here)

- Your credit or debit card purchase came in as a deposit, but needs to be a trade with the FIAT invested. Edit the deposit on the Enter Coins page and change it into a trade with the FIAT you spent via the card.

- Your withdrawal is a Spend (you sent it off for goods or services) or a Lost (you sent it to a defunct wallet or exchange). The withdrawals has to be changed into a Spend or Lost via Edit on the Enter Coins page. If you had already entered such a transaction manually, please delete the manual entry and just keep the edited withdrawal (deleting the withdrawal instead of renaming it would reimport it with the next API check).