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Swap ETH to ETH2 and Staking ETH2

What price does ETH2 have?

As long as ETH2 has no price we are using the same price as ETH. You can check it on the coin trends page.

Is the conversion of ETH into ETH2 a taxable event?

Please add a trade with trade group "swap". Adding this "swap" trade group will lead to no capital gain calculation or restart of holding period. It will keep the original cost base as well as the original purchase date for the holding period. You do not need any manual asset value adjustment any more.  

We are not tax advisers so we recommend to consult one if needed regarding handling of swaps in your country. We do collect tax information here. The treatment in CoinTracking depends on the tax rules in your country, but we try to offer as many options as possible so that you are flexible in your entries and calculations.

How are the ETH2 rewards treated?

They should be added as "Staking" which is an income transaction type. The Staking rewards are listed on the income report as part of your tax report.

Will I have to do the change to the new type manually later?

You have to do it manually or re-import. Already imported transactions will never change. This is why we ask you to add a trade group/comment "swap" to filter for those transactions more easily when a change is needed.

Or you delete those affected swap transactions (Bulk Edit and Delete transactions) or all transactions if the exchange has no limitation in their API and provides full transaction history and re-import them again when the new type is available. Please create backup of your data beforehand and regularly as described here: Create backup, restore or export your account data.

Will I receive an email when that option becomes available?

It is available already. And we will announce it on our "new features pages" as well as our social media accounts. Thank you for your patience here.

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